Plank Road is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new encaustic paintings and sculptures by Seneca Weintraut.

The works on view are the product of Weintraut’s understanding of painting as a spontaneous game of make-believe. His work subverts the linearity of “the artist’s progress” or the finality of “the finished work,” instead presenting works that appear instantaneous, a product of the immediate moment. Weintraut’s canvases also embody his idea of human knowledge––and its visual expressions––as fragile and fallible, always ebbing and flowing depending on our ability to articulate, to honestly convey.

Seneca Weintraut is a Hoosier living and working in Philadelphia. Weintraut studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in the summer of 2013 before receiving his MFA in painting from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in 2015. In years past, Weintraut counted money on a riverboat casino, cut grass in an oil refinery, and built mausoleums in several prominent cemeteries. In Philly, Weintraut is currently a member of the artist-run gallery Fjord and maintains a regular studio practice at The Loom where his paintings and simple wood carvings allow him to freely explore the delusional ontology of Wood Grain Theory, non-linear timelines, and the ultimate question “What is Diamondhead?”